We are very fortunate at Marriotts to have our own Counselling Department, staffed by two full time members of staff, as well as a part time member and several volunteers, some of who trained at the schools counselling academy. For further details about our Counselling Department please see the bottom of the page.

Marriotts Counselling Service offers confidential and skilled support to students, parents, staff and wider family members.  The support can vary in duration from a one-off intervention, group work, short term counselling, or longer term if the client and counsellor feel it is appropriate.  A new protocol has been agreed from 2019 where young people must be seen for 6 weeks by a school counsellor before referral to CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service).  These referrals will be managed by the Practice Manager in consultation with the school’s Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding.

Internal referrals may originate from a staff member, a parent/guardian, self-referral or from external agencies such as CAMHS, or GPs. Staff members and parents/guardians can refer via a confidential telephone call, letter or informal conversation.  In some circumstances the school may encourage a staff member or parent to seek the support of the counselling service such as when affected by long-term sickness or bereavement. The school also uses the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) for staff referrals.

If a student is presenting with high concern then a crisis counselling session will be prioritised, where a risk assessment will be undertaken. The counselling department works very closely with our safeguarding team to ensure that students of concern are prioritised as best as possible. The school also works very closely with CAMHS often meeting with therapists of students to ensure that the young person is fully supported. In addition the school employs a family support worker who provides help and support to some of our most vulnerable families and works closely with other support workers such as social workers. In addition the school has widened it’s support network to work with other organisations such as Herts Young Homeless, YC Herts and recently One Chance CIC which helps young people with substance misuse.

The counsellors at Marriotts follow the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.  A copy of this can be obtained from the Practice Manager (give details how) or can be accessed on the BACP website.

BACP Guidelines for Good Practice for Counsellors in Schools states -

“One of the key factors in deciding on levels of confidentiality is a child’s capacity to meet criteria embodied in the Gillick Principle.

As a general principle it is legal and acceptable for a young person to ask for confidential counselling without parental consent providing they are of sufficient understanding and intelligence.”

A copy of our Mental Health help leaflet can be found here