Student Voice

We want our students to be proud and committed to their education. We want them to be enthusiastic, engaged, and involved in the promotion of activities, daily school life and to improve their school experience and the wider community. 

  • Students are regularly consulted about school improvements and the School Council contributes to the school decision making process. 
  • Students from a wide range of groups have a strong voice in decisions relating to their learning and well-being. 
  • Most groups of students are represented in taking on responsibilities. 

The students’ involvement in the school and their interaction in the wider community are substantial and highly valued. We value our students and work to involve them fully in the life of the school and the wider community. 

Students have the opportunity to vote to be on the school council within their form groups. The student Council representatives that are voted in are then responsible for running the student voice sessions in their form. Every eight weeks, a student council consultation takes place in which three topics of school life are presented for discussion. These topics can range from teaching and learning topics to the school environment. Every student has the opportunity to discuss their ideas and opinions through these sessions. With the help of senior students chairing discussions, every form group has the opportunity to share ideas and improvements in teaching and learning, respect and tolerance, fundraising and the school environment. A final report is provided to the Head teacher to summarise the points raised at the end of each academic year.