Student Voice

Our aim is that our students are very proud of and committed to the Marriotts and are enthusiastically involved in the promotion of a broad range of activities to improve the school and the wider community. 

  • Students are regularly consulted about school improvements and the School Council contributes to the school decision making process. 
  • Students from a wide range of groups have a strong voice in decisions relating to their learning and well-being. 
  • Most groups of students are represented in taking on responsibilities. 

The students’ involvement in the school and their interaction in the wider community are substantial and highly valued. We value our students and work to involve them fully in the life of the school and the wider community. 

We have recently seen a significant change in the way that the students voice their opinions within the school. Every student has the opportunity to discuss their ideas and opinions through the School Council assemblies. With the help of our senior students chairing the discussions, every form group gets the chance to share ideas and improvements in teaching and learning; tolerance and awareness; fundraising, and the school environment. 

During the last set of Student Voice assemblies we received a great amount of fantastic ideas and suggestions to continue improving several areas within the school. Many of the ideas raised by the School Council to Ms Honnor have started to be worked on. The school has recently put a ‘walk on the left’ strategy in place to make the transition between lessons even smoother. Students asked for more emphasis to be put onto achievement points, and as a result the current rewards system is being modified to give students even more frequent rewards for their effort and achievement. 

The School Council continued their amazing efforts to raise as much money for charity as possible in the last module. Several students gave up a lot of their time to help collect money for a non-school uniform day and a charity fun run. Both events went extremely well and raised over £1,200 for Action for Children.