German Exchange 2023

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Posted on - Jun 29 2023

After 3 years of not being able to have our German Exchange trip, this year we finally managed to go again. Marriotts students were partnered up with students from our partner school of 12 years in Hamburg. We flew to Hamburg together and our students stayed with their guest family. While they always dread staying with strangers to begin with, they quickly adapt as they experience a lot of kindness and hospitality. 

They had a week of total immersion into the German culture and lots of new friends. A tiring but very rewarding experience. Good-Byes at the airport after a week were very tearful and everybody is looking forward to the visit of the German students in October.

Students spent the mornings in school, experiencing the German school system and lessons, and in the afternoons German and English students went on excursions together to explore Hamburg and surrounding area.

I am so pleased that this amazing opportunity is available to our students again - the meeting of cultures leads to more understanding and ultimately a better world.

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